I thought it would be a lonely holiday...but you come to my life…little Nöel…有毛有翼, but he can't fly….strange...

I was awaken by your noise, although sometimes we do share the same language, I still can't understand what you really want from me. Are you hungry? Or you are just singing to me? Or you wanna "bird talk" with me? I'm busy with you all the time now and please…..teach me some of your language so I can improve myself in knowing you better…at least be a good bird sitter.

Arrrggg…..stop the "bird talk" and you are driving me crazy....tell me what you want….in my language!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. 阿呆 says:

    Stop bitting your fingernails!!

  3. o'dea® says:

    hahaha, that wasn't my fingers lo....ah yi gor gor punya...

  4. hahaha...ask yi to handle it with care, it looks so fragile. Later ah yi lin kua it!

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