I don't feel good now, I'm sorry for what I have said and react to you just now. Take a deep breathe and be good again.

I would certainly feel good about being scarecrow without ears, without brains, without emotion....at least this moment. I have enough for all these. Just let it stops for god's sake.


I saw you yesterday at shop, hoping to get you but I didn't, day sucks.

You appeared in my room today...oh my god... one golden black eyed ancistrus, and 2 platies.

There is a saying that golden black eyed ancistrus also named 大便鱼。They are not picky eaters....is more like vacuum cleaner. Is fun to see the fish suck everything and sometimes got stuck in between the stones. Life sucks sometimes, what we can do just suck it up like what the fish is doing! Welcome to my life, 3 little fellas. My new friends in NZ.

ps: Thanks to my housemates for this little fish tank and fish. :)

I feel your happiness, I feel your laughter, I feel your enjoyment although I'm not able to be there to share all these with you. This song specially dedicated to you, beautiful tomorrow.

Love and hugs from thousand miles.

Finally, summer officially end today. Goodbye summer, I have enough sweat and headache.