I feel your happiness, I feel your laughter, I feel your enjoyment although I'm not able to be there to share all these with you. This song specially dedicated to you, beautiful tomorrow.

Love and hugs from thousand miles.

Finally, summer officially end today. Goodbye summer, I have enough sweat and headache.

Most of kiwi spend their summer on beach and get tan. I spend my summer at home and get sun tan. Can't believe I need to apply sunscreen at home, is incredibly hot and dry.

Bought first fan after being here in NZ for almost 4 years. It was amazing feeling when I woke up this morning with the fan blowing on my face, I thought I was at my home, in my own room in Malaysia.

Has been for four years did not go home during Chinese New Year, will I be able to go back home next year?

Had a "reunion" dinner with housemate and at ex-landlord's place, at least got "lou shang" this year too! Ate fortune cookies, drank Chrysanthemum Tea and Soya Bean in Yeo's pack! A bit like the feeling of home.

I think it is already good enough for me.