Working in a small company (Think Red Limited) and I have to pick up calls when necessary.

"Hello o'dea, you are speaking to Think Red".
"Sorry. (one more time) Hi Think Red, you are speaking to o'dea"

All is not right! Blurrr! My soul is not working today.

client: "I don't want to undermine your design, but..."

30 minutes later...

client: "hmm...sorry, I don't like any of these designs that I suggested, can you please undo all back to the original artwork and try to make the design looks better?"

me: "........No problem! :)"

"Graphic design is sometimes about polishing turds." This was the forum title that I saw on a graphic design forum recently and yes, I totally agree and have no doubt with this saying anymore.

I'm working on turd again!

Although I'm not reluctant to work on this "design", I will still use my exceptional skills to polish this turd. At least try to make a good looking and shinny turd to keep the client happy.

* turd polishing


Bought a coffee this afternoon.
"Flat white with one sugar please".

Barista: "Can I have your surname please?"
Me: "FU"
Barista: "Sorry, can you spell your surname?"
Me: " F. U. !"
Barista: "THANKS!"

I got a flat white without sugar added. Maybe should call myself Mary or Susie when buying coffee next time.

A new family member. His name is chokke. Can't wait go back home now and play with you.

I went to the supermarket to buy some raw nuts during lunchtime.

cashier: hello, how are you doing today?
me: I'm good, how do you do?
cashier: box of birds!
me:....sorry? (confused with what he was saying) So you doing great?
cashier: box of birds!!
me: just raw nuts please...
cashier: BOX OF BIRDS!!!!!...
me: ...fine...

2 minutes later...I went back to him.

me: "what is box of birds?" I bought only a pack of nuts, not birds...(i have unhappy stories with birds in devonport)
cashier: LOL, box of birds means i'm great.
me: okay!! Oh I see, thanks for letting me know, box of birds!

I rushed back to the office and google "box of birds". Forgive my ignorance, actually box of birds is the expression commonly used in New Zealand.

*box of birds: cheerful, happy, very good

Good to know that expression, at least I won't be confused and embarrassed myself again when someone says box of birds next time!

So how are you today?

Finally, I have decided to try something new - writing blog!! It is a big challenge for me as I’m not a good writer. However, I do wish to try and hopefully this blog will last until the end.

I might not have remarkable stories to tell. However, I wish my voice can be heard in such a simple way and bring fragrance in other’s life.

This blog starts in movember and it will be the beginning of my story…

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

- Carl Bard (1907-1978 scottish theologian religious writer broadcaster)