I went to the supermarket to buy some raw nuts during lunchtime.

cashier: hello, how are you doing today?
me: I'm good, how do you do?
cashier: box of birds!
me:....sorry? (confused with what he was saying) So you doing great?
cashier: box of birds!!
me: just raw nuts please...
cashier: BOX OF BIRDS!!!!!...
me: ...fine...

2 minutes later...I went back to him.

me: "what is box of birds?" I bought only a pack of nuts, not birds...(i have unhappy stories with birds in devonport)
cashier: LOL, box of birds means i'm great.
me: okay!! Oh I see, thanks for letting me know, box of birds!

I rushed back to the office and google "box of birds". Forgive my ignorance, actually box of birds is the expression commonly used in New Zealand.

*box of birds: cheerful, happy, very good

Good to know that expression, at least I won't be confused and embarrassed myself again when someone says box of birds next time!

So how are you today?

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  1. yy says:

    It's a new term for me too! I wonder if I use this term somewhere outside NZ, does people udnerstand it?

  2. o'dea® says:

    yes, i think this saying is quite common in western countries. try it!

  3. Who knows says:

    I'm BOX of BIRDS today after this..How r u today?? MISS u o..

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